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Think sustainability.

As a bio science pioneer since 1998, Booshoot continues to lead innovation in the forestry and agriculture industry.


We have long known the enormous economic, social and ecological value of bamboo — our planet’s most versatile, renewable natural resource.


Now, as the result of nearly three decades of research and development, Booshoot Technology's proprietary technology unlocks the secret to rapid propagation, positioning natural bamboo as the responsible fiber of our future.

Due to growing pressure on native forests, industry and consumers are demanding more productive, renewable resources.

Naturally regenerating, fast-growing bamboo yields longer, stronger fibers than traditional wood products in a fraction of the time, while sequestering up to four times more carbon dioxide than most trees.



A culmination of 20 years of research and development has led to Booshoot developing a new science for  micro-propagation, which there is no comparison or similar technology in the industry. 


At the heart of this technology is the ability to propagate millions of virus- free plantlets in-vitro on an annual basis, reducing gene drift, and resulting in higher yields

Booshoot is able to rapidly decrease production costs of plant cultivation.

Our robust intellectual property protections and advanced technology make us the leader in micro-propagation technology for difficult to grow plants. 

Booshoot continues to develop new intellectual property and file for patent protection on all processes and protocols surrounding the innovations.



Years of research and time spent working to propagate bamboo led to innovations in other crops of high economic value such as Potatoes, Wasabi, Yams, Pistachio, Blueberries, among others. 

These solutions are game-changing for commercial agriculture and can lead to cost savings and competitive advantages. 

As we look for new ways to grow non-GMO crops, Booshoot is at the forefront of innovation. Each of these difficult to grow and economically valuable crops can be propagated using Booshoot's patented technology to create 100% disease free plants, which have higher yield and better genes than seed grown crops. 

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